Meet Your Trainer

Melanie Peacock has over 5 years of experience in the dog industry. Her background includes a mix of playgroup-style daycare, boarding, grooming, and of course, dog training. She has had hands-on experience teaching dogs scentwork, shed hunting, mantrailing, wounded game recovery, trick training, obedience, & more.

Melanie has always had a deep passion for everything dogs. She is always keeping up with the latest research & learning techniques from industry leaders, to ensure that she has the best tools possible to fit your training needs.

In her own time, she works daily with her two dogs Pilot (red heeler) & Icarus (Dalmatian). Although there are many activities that Melanie enjoys participating in with her companions, her heart lies with shed hunting & wounded game recovery. She has competed & titled in the UKC Elite Shed Dog Series, as well as in AKC Trick Dog. Melanie has also recently begun competing in AKC Conformation dog showing, and has enjoyed learning the ropes.

Training Philosophy

We believe that every dog & owner is unique. Because of this, every client deserves an individualized solution when it comes to their situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog training!

When you book with Valkyrie Canine Training, you can expect us to meet you & your dog where you're at in your training process. We will work with you to come up with a training plan to achieve the goals you have for your dog. You can think of a dog trainer as your personal coach; we will give you the tools & education to become the leader that your dog needs, and encourage you to stay accountable & consistent between lessons. Dog training happens 24/7/365 at home - not just during our weekly sessions - and we want you to feel empowered & confident after each lesson!